Beautiful, friendly, always smiling, caring, kind, always ready to have good time, we miss our lovely Stacey

Kelly M,

My name is Kelly, and I had the privilege of working with Stacey. This terribly tragic event that has claimed Stacey's life has had a rippling effect - I too am grieving. It is hard to believe that this truly happened, and in such a senseless, profoundly heart-breaking manner. I have never met someone who tried as hard in life as Stacey did. I pray for her daughter and hope she will one day see all of the wonderful and meaningful things that people have to say and contribute to your website about her darling mother. It is my greatest wish that she gain strength and knowledge of the magnanimous woman Stacey was. Memories shared are how people live on.

I have every faith that she is now watching over us all. Written below is an acrostic style poem for Stacey in addition to my own version of the inspiring young woman I got to spend quality time with. It would be much appreciated and all my pleasure for you to add my personal statements to her website.


"There are no words that could begin to pay proper tribute or do justice in relaying what a brilliant, shining light Stacey was, and will continue to be. Her divine aura and disposition of grace was humbling, which could serve as a lesson for us all when we are in need of self-reflection. There could never be a human more pure of heart than she - it is unmatched. Stacey will eternally be remembered for the loving, benevolent mother she strived to be, and as a precious daughter of the universe. The stars will now shine that much brighter now that she is amongst them."

Green River - CCR

Stacey loved Waterfalls
Stacey loved Water lilies

Sam S

Stacey was a sweet, caring mom to Anna and Penny. She did everything she could to raise that kid for years on her own. Just like her mom, Anna is a smart kid and very friendly. Stacey was a kind person to everyone. She did not have grudges. She loved life to the fullest. She struggled with illness but she was a very strong woman. She was honest, genuinly caring and absolutely beautiful human being. She had great sense of humor and always wanted to have a good time. She enjoyed making friends and loved hanging out with them.

She loved to sing and had great voice to proof that. One day she hoped she will have her own music band. She enjoyed parties and fun time. She was a great mom, always cared big time for Anna and bought her toys and everything a small kid wanted. She used to take her to McDonalds, IhoP, chucky cheese, zoo, movies, theaters, to the mountains, and always making sure Anna and Penny had great time. She was a fun mom too. Anna and Stacey would have great time together. She was a sweet heart, a caring mom and happy person. I do miss her and will miss her forever.

Be my friend

Miss you Sweetie, Love you Forever
She loved flowers and gardens

Crazy World A poem

When I heard the news
I was in disbelief and shock and froze
Tears in my eyes, my heart pouring out,
O my god, how much pain & suffering you been through

Tossing and turning all nights for days and weeks
My eyes fills with tears everytime I think of you
There is not a single moment you are away

I don't enjoy sunshine same way I used to anymore
Days & nights have merged, never ending
Thought you knew I cared for you
And would do anything to take care of things

You had so much to live for and so much yet to do
It seems unreal that you are gone already

Thought of all the yesterdays the good ones and the the bad
Thought of all the fun we had

Since you are gone
Each day is the same here, there's no longing for anything
For every time I think of you, you are right here in my heart
I miss you and will forever till we meet again.

Run through the Jungle - CCR

She loved sunrise and sunset
She loved spending time in the mountains & lakes

Stephanie W

We are sorry for your loss. We prayed for you and Stacey's family. Just wanted to share a comforting verse from the Bible, "God the father loves the World & cares for everyone so much and he grieves for his children. It was never his intention for death for this World. He is a comforting God and desires to heal.

Psalm 34:18 "The Lord is near to broken-hearted and saves the crused in spirit." We will continue to pray for his comfort for all of you who were connected to lovely Stacey. Amen.

Put your lights on - Santana

She loved the mountains and glaciers
She loved nature - river valleys and mountains

James E

We wish to convey our deepest sympathies to you on the recent loss of your friend Stacey. Stacey as we knew was a lovely sweet heart. We share with you in your grievence. We will plan a visit to see you soon. With warm and heartfelt thoughts. With deepest sysmpathies, James.

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She always enjoyed a trip to Jasper national park

Thinking of you A poem

It’s one of those days
Thinking of you so bad
I have hard time getting through the day
We had a church group praying for you today
All the memories still fresh
My eyes fills with tears everytime I think of you
Every time I look at your photos
I miss that smile and face
And I miss having you around
I miss your jokes, singing, playing with Penny and so on

What a life?
One day you are here
Next day you are gone forever
Still thinking that you might show up any minute
Remember that moment at the Athabasca waterfall
When you said, this is paradise
And you loved it so much that we kept going back and back so many times
Every time we were in the mountains
You were so happy and tuned with nature

Miss you more today
It’s one of those days again today
Thinking of you so bad
Can’t believe you are gone already and forever
Rest in peace sweetie, miss you forever
I miss you and will forever till we meet again.

Milky way - Enigma

She always loved a trip to the Athabasca Waterfalls in Jasper national park

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