Her Life

Name: Stacey Lynn Perry
Left planet Earth at young age of 30 years
Born: Yorkton Hospital, SK
Grew up: Roblin, Russell, Neepawa, Brandon, Manitoba
Moved to Alberta: 10 Yrs ago
Education: Office Assistant Diploma, Oil and Gas Administration, CDI college, Legal Assistant Diploma was on-going.

Graduated with Honors (very smart woman)
Certifications: First Aid Certificates, St. John's Ambulance
Alberta Proserve Certificate, AGLC
AB and BC licenses.

Work Experiences:
Insurance Broker Assistant at a Prestigious Insurance Company
Front Desk Agent and Marketing Agent at hotels
Member Service Representative at a Credit Union
Direct Service Worker at Parkland Regional Community
Bartender and Server at 10s of pubs and restaurants in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.
Also worked at National chains like Dairy Queen, McDonalds and Subway

Skills: Photography, Proficient in Microsoft suites, Micros -POS, Trained to use Celero DNA banking system, good at power points and presentation, excel and Access proficient, Trained in PMS systems and Marketing Tools,

Stacey I knew: Key words: very kind, caring mom, people person, knew how to deal with people, calm and non-violent, happy and smiling most of the times, very friendly, easy to talk to, could make friends with anybody in no time, beautiful, smart, funny with great sense of humor, loved to sing, loved to bake, loved Anna, loved Penny, never liked people who lied, enjoyed good time, always ready to party, always wanted to see family and friends, a kind person, a soft-hearted, cared for people with disabilities, enjoyed working for people with disorders, enjoyed volunter works at food bank and so on, loved photography, loved sunsets, loved mountains & hikes, total sweetheart, everyone loved her

Always dressed well, she looked very professional
Stacey enjoying mountain time

Stacey I knew

Stacey grew up in Manitoba and moved to Alberta about 10 years ago. Very charming and attractive she was a kind soul. Easy on eyes and easy to talk to, she could make friends in no time. She was full of energy, always wanted to have fun. She was a smart young lady who graduated with an Honors Diploma in Office Administration. She was a calm, relaxed and non-violent person. She was happy and smiling most of the times. She was a loving and caring mom. She loved Anna very much. I have not seen any person who would spend most of her money on buying toys for a kid. Anna's rooms were full of toys. She was a great friend to have and I miss her.

Put your lights on - Santana

Gone too soon leaving this wonderful world
Stacey loved mountains and lake
Everything I do - Bryan Adams
She loved hiking & camping in the mountains & forest
Hey Sweetie, are you up there? Trying to find you among stars

Gone too soon

Stacey was a very strong woman. She was a caring and lovely mom. She cared for Anna and Penny. She did amazing job raising little children Anna as a single mom for last 7.5 years, that's pretty impressive. I tried to help as much as I could. She had her family help as well.

Stacey was a good hearted person, kind and non-violent. She was super friendly and easy to talk to. She was gorgeous and dressed well and she loved the attention. She knew how to have good time even when she was going through bad times. Can't believe she is gone already. Stay in peace sweetie, will see you soon.

It must have been Love - Roxette

Rest in peace, will see you soon
Love you, Miss you Forever

Forever Missed,

Over years, I took Stacey, Anna and Penny on several trips to Jasper, Banff, Radium and most of British Columbia, which they enjoyed very much. Every trips to the mountains made her happier. She very much enjoyed nature, sunrise and sunsets. She enjoyed taking pictures, she was becoming a pro in photography. She loved singing and had great vocal. One day she wanted to have her own music band. Anna and Stacey enjoyed singing together. She also loved swimming with Anna. She was a great mom to Anna and tried her best, which shows how smart that kid is. She was a good hearted person, kind and always willing to help. As Kelly mentioned, she had very pure heart, never wished anything bad for anybody. To me, she was as pure as flower Lily. She was a great friend and would make friends in no time. We all miss her. Rest in peace sweetie. We all love you.

Farewell to you - White Lion

She loved flowers, one of her favorite flowers, as beautiful as herself