Lovely Stacey's
Memorial Site

Beautiful young soul gone too soon
Leaving hundreds in tears.
Tears show how much we love you.
There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition,
and of unspeakable love.

Let the memories of lovely Stacey stay with us forever and ever
Rest in Peace Sweetie :)
Always Loved and Always Remembered
See you soon

Funeral Service Held:
Date: Jan 19th, 2019
Venue: Calvary Chapel
221 Hamilton St, Neepawa, MB
Time: 2 PM

Beautiful funeral service was held for beautiful and lovely Stacey and attended by about 95 people
Families and friends all in mourning, the hall was filled with tears and sorrow
We thank the Pastor and the group for such a great service.
We pray that God gives us strength to heal.

There is another forevermissed website for our lovely Stacey as well, copy and paste url to get there:

Stacey was a very charming and attractive young lady. She was a kind soul, she would give her money or buy food to a homeless person even when she needed that money herself. She was so friendly that she could make friends in no time. Full of energy, always wanted to have fun time. She was a smart young lady graduated with an Honors in Office Assistant Diploma and was pursuing Legal Administration Diploma course. She loved working for people with disabilities. She enjoyed voluntering time for several causes. She adored puppies and horses.

She was a soft spoken, well mannered, genuinely honest and non-violent person. She enjoyed nature and would love to go for a walk and hike in the mountains.

Gone too soon

Stacey was as pure as Water Lily- one of her favorite flowers

We would like to present Kelly's personal account of Stacey briefly here and full in Memories Section.

"This terribly tragic event that has claimed Stacey's life has had a rippling effect - I too am grieving. It is hard to believe that this truly happened, and in such a senseless, profoundly heart-breaking manner..I pray for her daughter and hope she will one day see all of the wonderful and meaningful things that people have to say and contribute to your website about her darling mother. It is my greatest wish that she gain strength and knowledge of the magnanimous woman Stacey was. Memories shared are how people live on.

Written below is an acrostic style poem for Stacey in addition to my own version of the inspiring young woman I got to spend quality time with. It would be much appreciated and all my pleasure for you to add my personal statements to her website.


"There are no words that could begin to pay proper tribute or do justice in relaying what a brilliant, shining light Stacey was, and will continue to be. Her divine aura and disposition of grace was humbling, which could serve as a lesson for us all when we are in need of self-reflection. There could never be a human more pure of heart than she - it is unmatched. Stacey will eternally be remembered for the loving, benevolent mother she strived to be, and as a precious daughter of the universe. The stars will now shine that much brighter now that she is amongst them." Kelly M.

To read Kelly's full memorial and share your own, please click on Memories Tab.
Thank you everyone for sharing your experience of Stacey with us, highly appreciated.

There is something wrong with World today..' - Aerosmith

Stacey was a very smart young woman. She always dressed up and presented herself very well. Stacey worked for a credit union, a prestigious insurance company, hotels, several national chains and pubs and restaurants. She was an easy to talk to, easygoing and very happy person. Easy to please, she was happy as pie, most of the time and enjoyed life to the fullest.

As the Years Passing by - Gary Moore

Graduation day cake
Happy & content

Sweet Caring Mom
Anna and Penny say
"Love you Mom & Miss you"

Everyone who came in contact with Stacey knew her as a soft spoken, well mannered, and a total sweet heart. Stacey was the best mom Anna and Penny could have. Both of them wonder where mom is gone. As a single mom, she tried her best to give Anna and Penny what they needed and wanted. Anna was enrolled in schools and extra-curricular activities like dance, swim and so on. Stacey was a great mom, who cared for her kids and tried her hardest to make sure they are well fed, well taken cared and safe and sound.

Just like her mom, Anna is a smart kid. Stacey would buy her toys all the time. One of her favorite things to do with Anna was to teach her how to bake. They used to bake cupcakes and share with people. They also enjoyed taking photos and videos together and having good time. They enjoyed singing songs. She also enjoyed painting with Anna and playing games.

Can't get no sleep - Gary Moore

Stacey loved and adored Anna. Anna was light of her life. Both of them enjoyed swimming. They would go for swimming as much as possible. They would play songs and sing along anytime even in hot tub. They were a happy family. She was such a great mom. They enjoyed going to the mountains for a hike or just for a visit. Stacey would take Anna to play, go watch kids movies together on Fridays, to the chucky cheese or McDonald’s play area or just public parks for hours and have good time. Stacey was a genuinely loving person, happy most of the times and easy to please. She was fun to be around.

My heart will go on - Celine Dion

Beautiful, Smart, Kind, Sweet heart, Caring Mom & great friend
With Anna having fun time
Taking Anna at Chucky Cheese
She enjoyed the mountains time, it made her happy
She loved flowers and gardens- She liked Summer

TestimonialsEveryone Loved Her


“Gorgeous, friendly and very kind Stacey was down to earth lovely lady. Mostly happy, she was smiling and cheerful around me. Anna was her top priority. She always made sure Anna's needs and wants are all taken care. Anna was blessed to have such a great mom. Too bad she is gone too soon and Anna is left without mom at such a young age. She was mostly in good mood and wanted to have good time. Such a great soul gone too soon. I miss her now and will miss her forever.”

Who wants to live forever - Queen


“It was so nice to meet Stacey. She was such a happy person, good to be around. She was my co-worker, very smart. I found her charming, funny and very attractive. She enjoyed walk and nature. We had fun BBQ at my place once in a while. I am in tremendous loss and can't comprehend what just happened. We will miss her forever."


“....I have never met someone who tried as hard in life as Stacey did. I pray for her daughter and hope she will one day see all of the wonderful and meaningful things that people have to say and contribute to your website about her darling mother. It is my greatest wish that she gain strength and knowledge of the magnanimous woman Stacey was. Memories shared are how people live on.....I have every faith that she is now watching over us all." Read full memorial by clicking Memories Tab

Photo GallerySweet Memories

Relaxed & Smiling
Its' Coffee Time
Even if you want to go alone - MLTR

With Anna in Winnipeg
Feeding Anna
Sunshine of your life - Eric Clapton

She adored, loved and cared for Anna
Monalisa Smile when Anna used to Kiss her
Playing with Anna using flowers was another favorite
Anna getting back to mom, fun time
Laughing with Laughing Buddha
Laughing with Laughing Buddha
Having good time
Relaxing time in mountains
Someday - MLTR

She loved Roses
Monalisa smile
Jasper Athabasca Falls Trip in Fall
Jasper Athabasca Falls Trip in Fall
Mountain Time - Taking selfie
Bad moon rising - CCR

Happy Times
Beauty in the mirror
Told you

Happy Times in Mountains
Enjoying Athabasca River Valley in Jasper
Leave this town - Gary Moore

Mount Edith Glacier Trip
Right on a Glacier lake
Standing all alone - Eagles

Enjoying view with Penny - Elizabeth Lake Trip, Jasper
Maligne Canyon Hike
Lie Awake on Long Night - Creed

Barrier Lake Hike Trip
Yamunska Lake Trip
Somebody told me wrong way - Creed

Taking photo of an Elk
Enjoying amazing mountain views
Eh eh- Enigma

Adorable Penny
Enjoying Lake & mountain Time
Rescue me- Enigma

Enjoying Columbia Icefield
Road to Heaven
Om Mantra - Stacey would joke around saying OM OM

Enjoying Time in Paradise - Amazing views
Enjoying breathtaking mountain views
Relaxation music

Maligne Valley Hike
Enjoying breathtaking Valley views
Miss you Sweetie
She loved flowers
Relax Sweetie


  • Gorgeous, friendly & charming
  • Left too soon, a young caring mom
  • Kind, soft spoken & sweet heart
  • 9 yrs kid Anna misses her mom
  • Penny, a dog misses her mom
  • Loved life to the fullest